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Chef Leo's Spices™

Asian Spices and Rubs | Non Blended Spices

Chef Leo™Cooking Spices

Meat Rub Seasoning

A meat rub to die for! This rub is great on Steaks, Poulty, Fish, you name it. Fantastic meat and game rub! Just sprinkle it on, rub it in, and cook your favorite way. I like to rub it into steaks the night before, then grill them!! Everyone wants to know my secret, I'll never tell! And as always, 5 oz NO MSG!
Chef Leo's Meat Rub ©$5.99
Cooking hint: Sprinkle a light coating on one side of your meat and rub it into the meat with your finger tips. It will quickly soak into the meat as you rub. Flip the meat over and do it again. You can put the meat in the refridgerator for added flavor, or go straight to the grill and begin cooking.
If your grill has a sear burner your can sear each side then move the meat over to the main grill to slow cook keeping all the juices locked in. You can also do this on a regular burner by turning the heat up and sear each side before turning the heat down to slow cook.
The results will amaze you!

Camp Stew Seasoning

Make the best camp stew you ever tasted. This is the secret to the stew they cannot get enough of. Keeps them comming back for more. Many uses for this great spice! Chef Leo's own recipe on the bottle! If you ever tasted Chef Leo's™ great CAMP STEW during his travels, you know what its all about. If not, you owe it to yourself to try this great seasoning. Once you try Chef Leo's™ you'll never go back, 5 oz No MSG
Little tidbit from Chef Leo, use Hillshire All Beef Sausage
Chef Leo's Campstew Spice © $5.99

Chef Leo Bourbon and Molassas Spice

We call the Bourbon and Molasses Rub and Grill the all purpose spice, it is great on poultry, steak and seafood. You cannot go wrong with this spice!
Chef Leo's™ OLD COAST Bourbon Molasses Rub and Grill. A taste of a time gone by! You remember the time in your life, the taste, the smell. Well, now we bring it back to you. 5 oz No MSG.
Chef Leo's Old Coast Bourbon Molasses Rub and Grill © $5.99

Lemon Pepper Seasoning

Brand new Seasoning! Chef Leo's™ Lemon Pepper Garlic and Herb seasoning. You just gotta taste this stuff! Chicken, Seafood, many uses on all kinds of dishes. Sprinkle on your Salad for a taste that will drive them wild! And as always, 5 oz NO MSG!
Chef Leo's Lemon Pepper ©$5.99
Hint: Before you plate your food, sprinkle a little Chef Leo™ Lemon Pepper spice in the plate, just a light sprinkle. When you plate the food it will pick up just a hint of the Lemon and Pepper!  

Chipotle Rasberry Chicken Rub Seasoning

Brand new Seasoning! Chef Leo's™ Raspberry Chipotle Chicken Rub. Many uses and all end up great! That extra taste that drives them wild for your recipe! 5 oz NO MSG!
Chef Leo's Raspberry Chipotle Chicken Rub ©$5.99

Curried Pineapple Chicken-n-Chop Rub

Brand new Seasoning! Chef Leo's™ Curried Pineapple Chicken and Chop rub! Great taste, tons of uses! 5 oz NO MSG!
Chef Leo's Pineapple Chicken-n-Chop Rub ©$5.99
This spice has a very unique taste and also works very well with seafood as well.  

Santa Fe Southwest Rub Seasoning

Another new release! Southwest Santa Fe Rub Seasoning. Just the right mix of peppers, garlic, onion and spices. Hurry, your dishes will never be better! Surprise your gang with a new Tex-Mex dish. And as always, NO MSG! 5 oz.
Chef Leo's SANTA FE SEASONING ©$5.99

Mesquite Grill and Rub Seasoning

Coast to Coast Grill and Rub Seasoning. Get that great Mesquite taste and keep 'em wundering! Chef Leo Says "For Anything On The Grill!" 5 oz No MSG.
Chef Leo's MESQUITE RUB and GRILL © $5.99


Tangerine Pepper Spice

Chef Leo's OLD COAST Tangerine Pepper Spice. We are so excited to bring you these old Florida secrets. For Chicken, Pork and Seafood. Wow! 5oz No MSG.
A little tart, then peppery, a taste you just gotta try!
Chef Leo's OLD Coast Tangerine Spice © $5.99

Hickory Barbeque BBQ Spice

Coast to Coast Chef Leo's™ Famous Hickory Barbeque spice. Great for anything on the grill. The uses are endless! 5 oz No MSG.
Chef Leo's Famous Hickory Barbeque Spice © $5.99

Bayou Cajun Blackening Spice

Chef Leo's™ Bayou CAJUN Blackening spice. Sprinkle it on and watch it go to work! Great on all meats, perfect blackened meats everytime!5 oz No MSG.
Chef Leo's Bayou Cajun Blackening © $5.99

Chicken Seasoning

That great Chef Leo's™ World famous Chicken Seasoning. "That taste that just keeps 'em commin back," Chef Leo™ Says! 5 oz No MSG.
Chef Leo's Famous Chicken Seasoning © $5.99

Apple Butter Chop Rub

When we first released Chef Leo™ Apple Butter rub several months ago we released it with pork and lamb chops in mind. Well, we are getting calls and emails from customers who are putting it on everything from chicken to turkey ham and everything in between. Lets, just say it has many uses with fantastic results.

French Fry Seasoning

Chef Leo's™ Special Home Chef Seasoning. French Fry, Home Fry, Hash Brown Gourmet Potato Seasoning. The taste you have been looking for! 5oz No MSG.

Malabar Black Gold Quality Pepper

Chef Leo's™ newest addition! Known for it's high quality of pepper the Malabar Coast area of India has for centuries been a meca for trade. This pepper became known as black gold due to its high quality and desirablilty in world trade. Often used as currency, Now you can have this same great pepper for your favorite foods. 4oz bottle
Chef Leo's Malabar Pepper © $5.99
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Chef Leo's™ OLD COAST Spices

Carribean Jerk Seasoning

Chef Leo's™ Carribean Jerk Seasoning. For Chicken and Seafood, the taste others long for! 5oz No MSG.
A little hot, a little sweet, just the right blend. shut your eyes and feel the breeze, you are in the islands mon!
Chef Leo's Carribean Jerk Seasoning © $5.99

Mango Magic Spice

Chef Leo's OLD COAST MANGO MAJIC for Chicken, Pork and Seafood. Just what the Chef Ordered! 5oz No MSG.
Chef Leo's Old Coast Mango Majic © $5.99
The great taste of Mango to accent anything you cook! A must have Chef Leo Spice!  

Strawberry Spice

Chef Leo's™ OLD COAST Strawberry Spice! For Chicken, Pork and Seafood. Grill, Marinate, just sprinkle it on! 5oz No MSG.
Chef Leo's Old Coast Strawberry Spice © $5.99
The great taste and smell of fresh strawberries, a real complement to your food!  

Keylime Spice

Chef Leo's™ OLD COAST KEY LIME Seafood spice. For Chicken and Seafood. Chef Leo's brings another great product to you! 5oz No MSG.
Chef Leo's Old Coast Key Lime Seafood Spice © $5.99
Shrimp, scallops, fish all grill to perfection with Keylime.  

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Chef Leo's™ Asian Spices

Chef Leo™ Gingered Teriyaki Chop Rub

Great new rub, Gingered Teriyaki Rub with Wasabi! Contains Garlic, salt, onion, sugar, ginger, spices, teriyaki and wasabi. Great on many meats as well as grilled and steamed veggies! 5oz No MSG.

Chef Leo™ Sesame Soy Chicken Spice

with Lemon and orange! Great on Chicken, tossed salads, seafood, let your imagination run wild. Includes Garlic, salt, sugar, onion, orange, lemon, soy sauce, spices, toasted sesame oil, and tumeric. 5oz No MSG.

Chef Leo™ Chinese 7-Spice Stir Fry

With Roasted Sesame Oil! Just the ticket to turn that bland meal into something GREAT! Sprinkle on your stir fry to mesh great flavors, turn that WOK or skillet into your secret weapon! Great to use in the house or on the grill. Here it is! Includes Cane Sugar, salt, nutmeg, spices, and paprika. 5oz No MSG.

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Chef Leo's™ Non Blended Spices

Chef Leo™ Premium Allspice

The finest Allspice available, pure all spice with no added blends. In our famous 5 oz container. The finest ingredients available.

Chef Leo™ Korintje Cinnamon

The finest Korintrje Cinnamon available, pure spice with no added blends. In our famous 5 oz container. Great aroma and taste! Another Chef Leo exclusive!

Chef Leo™ Premium Whole Cloves

The finest Whole Cloves available, pure spice with no added blends. In our famous 5 oz container. Why settle for less!

Chef Leo™ Ground Nutmeg

The finest Ground Nutmeg with great texture and flavor. In our famous 5 oz container. Only the best Nutmeg makes it into our spice!

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